Anesthesia Billing & Accounts Receivable Services

Since 1979, Plexus MG's parent company Anesthesia Business Consultants (ABC) has provided anesthesia billing services and anesthesia accounts receivable (AR) services to anesthesiologists, CRNAs and facilities that employ anesthesia providers via its proprietary F1RSTAnesthesia system. F1RSTAnesthesia is the Oracle-based proprietary software platform that best distinguishes our unique approach to accounts receivable management. As the culmination of more than 35 years experience in anesthesia billing services and practice management, F1RSTAnesthesia is designed to allow ABC staff to interface with providers, patients and their insurance plans real-time thereby ensuring that client practices are optimally and accurately paid for the valuable services they provide.


Each ABC client relationship is custom-tailored to the specific needs and operational requirements of the practice. Following is a summary of the various services carefully integrated into each relationship.

Anesthesia Transition Management

  • A detailed review of specific practice configuration and requirements.
  • Analysis of lost revenue potential
  • Review and assessment of forms and information flow
  • Development of written billing guidelines and policies
  • Provider documentation and compliance in-services and ongoing education
  • Discussion and recommendations regarding management information requirements
  • DiscussionFormulation of an optimum support structure, including a responsible ABC Vice President or Regional Director, Account Manager and other potential support staff

Compliant Anesthesia Billing Processes

  • Optimization of charge submission process
  • Fee Schedule analysis
  • Managed Care contract review
  • Electronic claims filing and payment posting
  • CPT, ASA and ICD-9 coding
  • Regular feedback on quality and provider charge documentation consistency
  • Extensive regular interaction with practice management staff
  • Provider enrollment with carriers
  • Insurance payment verification and automatic underpayment review
  • Line item posting
  • Extensive management reporting options

Anesthesia Reimbursement Management Follow Up

  • Timely and aggressive follow-up with insurance plans and patients
  • payer performance monitoring
  • Regular AR performance metrics and trends reporting
  • Budgeting and performance review
  • Consistent delinquency management
  • Refund management
  • Regular interaction with clients via phone and in person


  • Compliance in-service for all providers
  • Compliant billing service
  • Assistance with Client’s Compliance Plan, if desired
  • Ongoing audit feedback on provider documentation

Practice Management-Client Services

  • All clients are supported by a team of anesthesia account professionals
  • Management information can be provided by means of any of a number of options including hard copy, e-mail, on line or dashboard
  • One call client support for any ad hoc analysis
  • Payer contract review and negotiation support
  • Assistance in hospital relationships and contracting
  • Benchmark data and practice comparisons

“ABC has years of practical experience in the oversight and management of the entire billing and accounts receivable process.”

No one company is more qualified to provide comprehensive practice management solutions to the anesthesia or pain practice. While many management (or consultant) companies have isolated areas of strength and specific competence, ABC stands alone in its ability to design a comprehensive software solution for billing and AR Services, meeting specific management requirements of a complex anesthesia organization. ABC’s team of professional managers (or consultants) represent the most extensive anesthesia practice management experience and professionally accredited skills in the nation. Comprised of CPAs, MBAs, MHAs, and CPCs, the management (consulting) team has demonstrated expertise in accounting, finance, hospital negotiations, governance, compensation formulas and group practice management.