Successful businesses tend to be in a perpetual state of analysis. Managers of successful businesses constantly monitor and evaluate vast amounts of day-to-day information to make sound business decisions, and to challenge employees to achieve higher levels of performance. The obstacle for many good managers is receiving appropriate, accurate and timely data presented in a format that is readable and understandable. This is especially true in the healthcare industry.

Plexus MG is composed of a cadre of very experienced professionals with strong backgrounds in data mining and operations analysis. We believe that raw data is the “diamond” of a business enterprise. As with any diamond, its true value cannot be determined until it is cleaned, cut, shaped and polished. Plexus MG works with clients to unearth the raw data that is available and determine how valuable it may be in reflecting the actual condition of their business.

Information systems are the business drilling tools for raw data. Plexus MG can evaluate the existing systems that a client has in place and make recommendations for appropriate, cost-effective enhancements. Where a system does not exist, Plexus MG can provide a wide array of information systems services for its clients, including financial management, medical billing, operations analysis reporting, patient scheduling, provider scheduling and credentialing. All of these systems are designed to collect, store, retrieve, report, and analyze business data in a manageable fashion.

Plexus MG associates and executives are very aware that all businesses are unique. Although there may be similarities, each business—even in the same niche of an industry—has its distinct characteristics. Also, each business entity has its own culture and local environment that accentuates this uniqueness. PMG takes this into account in all of its operational reporting and analysis services. Although, standard reports serve well in providing comparisons against industry benchmarks, PMG is able to recommend and design specific reports or analyses that may address important unique elements of a client’s present or potential future business.

The following is a listing of the various types of reports that can be provided for PMG clients.

Financial Billing Operations HR & Benefits
Daily Cash Report Charge/Payment Facility Reports Headcount Reports
Income Statements Adjustment Summaries OR Efficiency Reports Benefits Cost & Utilization Reports
Profit/Loss Statements Aged Accounts Receivable Provider Productivity PTO Reports
Payroll Reports Reimbursement Summaries Type of Service Reports Malpractice Reports
Budget Reports Procedure Code Reports Credentialing Reports Retirement Fund Reports
Accounts Payable Financial Class Summaries Credentialing Reports  
  Compliance Reporting Quality Assurance Reports  
    Scheduling Summaries  

Most reporting is done on a monthly, quarterly and/or annual basis. Year-to-year comparisons are made, where appropriate and feasible. Most billing and operations reports are available by provider, payer, facility, financial class and/or type of service. Custom reporting formats can be designed at very reasonable rates. Transmission of reports can be done by regular mail, e-mail or fax.